Tonneau Hinges

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Setting the standard.

Our power tonneau hinges are designed to be used with our rail systems or as standalone components. Our patented
design provides a smooth installation and repeatable location of the tonneau during removal and re-installation.

Each Hinge comes with Load N Lock standard features:

  • Patented geometry results in nearly 4″ vertical movement
  • Our patented quick release hinge design requires no tool for removal
  • Dacromet under Black E-Coat finish withstands years of harsh environmental punishment
  • Stainless steel rivets combined with Teflon coated bushings result in a smooth, corrosion free movement



H7 Hinge

01309 Hinge Driver Side
01366 Back Plate Driver Side
01310 Hinge Passenger Side
01367 Back Plate Passenger Side.





300’s Hinges

00354 Drive Side | 00355 Passenger Side.




H6 Hinge

00735 Driver Side | 00745 Passenger Side